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Kölnisch Wasser


It's 26 August 2009.

I have train tickets to Cologne - paid-for, and non-refundable.

I have booked a hotel, not paid, but the are cancellation costs are the full price if I cancel now.

But the conference, MBC09 (the MicroBlogging Summer Camp 2009) that I got those train tickets and hotel reservation for has just been cancelled; I'll get the price of my ticket back, but not the other costs.

So, what to do? Go to Cologne, of course -- it will only cost something for food, drink and transportation above what I've spent or pledged already. And what shall I do there? When I ponder this, before falling asleep, suddenly the term "Kölnisch Wasser" pops into my head. And thus an idea is born.


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