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  • 2009-09-06 08:18

    Kölnisch Wasser - day three

    It's partly cloudy when I get up, and after breakfast the lady at the hotel tells me the weather forecast is indeed cloudy but some rain every now and then - but not as bad as yesterday. Since my feet are still very sore I chance it and don't take my rain jacket along: every bit of weight off my feet will help.

    My first target for today is around Heumarkt where yesterday I noticed a lot more of the weird blue water pipes I first noticed on day one.

    Raindrops making circles in a stream

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  • 2009-09-05 16:34

    Kölnisch Wasser - day two

    The day in short: free sunshine, free milk, free WLAN, free downpour!

    I woke up - much to my surprise - with the sun shining right in my eyes! I thought it would be raining today, so I quickly had something from the (excellent!) breakfast buffet at my hotel, and hurried out to take advantage of the good weather (while it lasted!).

    First a stop at the Woyton cafe to send last night's email. They advertised fresh milk straight from the farm, and that sounded really good to me. But when the guy who took my order wanted to look it up in the computerized cash register, he couldn't find it; after poking around a lot he gave up and said: "OK, so it costs nothing! It's on the house!" At that moment his colleague appeared and pointed out to him where to find the price. But he was a good sport and said "Too late now!" So I ended up having free milk with my free WLAN.

    More threatening clouds over Cologne

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  • 2009-09-04 11:13

    Kölnisch Wasser - day one

    Smooth train ride to Cologne, though we arrived 20 minutes late because of a signal problem between Duisburg and Düsseldorf.

    After I got out in Deutz I asked a DB lady how to get a day ticket or even a three-day ticket for public transportation. She sent me to the DB ReiseZentrum office, where I had to wait in line, but was told that even though my ticket said Deutz I could just travel on to the Hauptbahnhof (the main station) and get a three-day ticket there: much cheaper than the single day tickets they sold there. Another train ride and another (much longer) line at another DB ReiseZentrum later I arrived at the KölnTourismus bureau where indeed I got a three-day WelcomeCard for €19, which also gives extra discounts on a number of things (while a single day ticket is €7.50, with no discounts): good deal.

    Ugly rain clouds over Cologne

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  • 2009-09-03 07:17

    Heading out

    Heading out of Amsterdam CS, in the rain

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  • 2009-09-01 17:40

    City maps and guide

    After Vladimir Kolev's tips I was suddenly in a hurry to get a good city map of Cologne, so I ran out to the nearest travel bookstore. They had about five different city maps; I picked out the largest: it actually had the clearest cartography, the most legible for my failing eyes. I added a smaller, laminated one so I'll have something usable when there is rain.

    They also had four different city guides and I picked up the one from Reise Know-How (in German). I have more travel guides from this publisher, and know they're quite thorough. In the back of the book there's the very same 'Liniennetzplan' that Vladimir pointed out to me online: also handy when I'll be racing from one location to another!

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