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So, I'm going to take pictures of water in Cologne. Not perfume, water. Any kind of water: it could be a tap on a wall, a small stream, a ditch, a pond, a fountain, a river. I don't know my way around in Cologne, so I'll need a good map (suggestions?) and good instructions for how to find a location. Studying a map will only tell me so much: the possibilities are limited. So, if you live in Cologne, I'll need your help!


I'll be arriving in Cologne (by train) shortly before 10 am on Thursday 3 September. I have to leave again at 17:45 on Saturday September. No flexibility there, my train tickets are for precisely those times -- so I'll have just about two and a half days to get around and take pictures and hopefully check my account and my email (there is supposed to be Wifi in my hotel).

How you can help

Making contact

  1. First, you need an account. If you have an account already, skip to step 2. Don't have one? Go to and sign up: it's free, the software is free, your content is free - so there's nothing to stop you, is there? [Note: I do not listen at Twitter, you really need an account for this!)

  2. Make sure you indicate you live in Cologne in your profile.

  3. Join the "Kölnisch Wasser" group!

  4. If you just created a new account, or just added "Cologne" to your profile page, I can't have found you yet, can I? So just send me a dent! Better, send a dent to the "Kölnisch Wasser" group (or shorter, to its "kw" alias, to let us know you're going to help.

    (To send a dent to a group of people, you need to have joined the group first, and then address it to !groupname; for instance: "I've just joined !koelnischwasser". The short alias saves typing and keeps more space for actual content.)

  5. I'll follow you. You're free to follow me, but you don't have to (on people can talk with each other even if they don't follow each other).

Suggesting a water location

  1. Now, send me (or the group) a 'dent' (or two) describing a location with water (what, exactly, is there, how do I recognize it?) and the precise location (street names, house numbers, latitute and longitude): give me enough so I can actually find it. If there is public transportation nearby, that's helpful so mention that as well.

    Use English or German: I can handle either, although my English is much better than my German.

  2. I'll show these location dents on this site, and when in Cologne, I'll make an itinerary out of your suggestions (and whatever else I've been able to find) and make as many "Kölnisch Wasser" photos as possible.

Tips for a stranger

Other suggestions and tips are also very welcome: (cheap) restaurants, wifi hotspots, whatever else might help a stranger in Cologne. Either send me a dent, or use the contact form (once it's up!).

And then?

Once I'm back home, I'll review the photographs and make a selection of the best ones. I'm planning a number of things:

  1. I'll make an album page on my Smugmug site. If a photograph is of a location suggested by you, I'll link to your profile.

  2. I'll make another (probably smaller) selection, and create a Zazzle page, so there will be "Kölnisch Wasser" mousepads, "Kölnisch Wasser" T-shirts, and what not. If a photograph is of a location suggested by you, the URL of your profile page will appear on the product and (if possible) I'll link to it from the product page.

  3. I'll release at least some of the photos under a Creative Commons license and publish them on my Flickr account.

If all goes well, I'll have a awesome series of photos to show the world after all that — that would be great: I'll have done something fun and productive instead of MBC09. It's even possible I actually sell some stuff through Zazzle, and hopefully get my costs covered that way — that would of course be even better!

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